Quotes Thank you very much for this amazing commission. The devastator squad you have assembled and painted surpass my expectations. You've done an excellent basing, and great "swappability" with the weapon arms and backpacks. Your construction was clever and useful. Thanks Nader! Quotes

Quotes Nader did an AMAZING job on my Necromunda Escher Gang. He was upfront about his other commitments and gave me a pretty accurate estimate of when he would be finished. I was SUPER impressed with his commitment to quality customer service. Nader is the first commission where I NEVER (and I mean NEVER) had to follow up to get an update. He provided quite frequent updates (approximately every 2-3 weeks) and every update always included excellent, high quality, close up photos (front & back!) of the mini's he had completed so far. Another area I would say he excelled at was giving me opportunities to make requests once I'd seen how he was progressing. (eg. I noticed two models armed the same had the same colour hair, he changed one - no problems and no hesitation) All in all I would say that Nader's painting services are the best I have yet received. His "above table top quality" is HEAD & SHOULDERS above what others consider tabletop - and his prices are practically criminal. Quotes
Extremely Satisfied Customer