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***I am currently available to do commission work***

 Currently I have Two standard style of painting and that is Above Table Top Quality and Display.


Above Table Top Quality

This style of painting is intended to provide you with a top quality painting for your gaming models. Every technique (blending, Highlights, etc) is used and no small detail is compromised. 




 Display Pieces

This is reserved for your special characters in your army or that single model that is awaiting your display case. No matter what the case is, I implement every technique I know to achieve the best result I can. From multiple layering to intricate basing, your model will be looked after and made sure it will stick out from the rest.




I am open to any and all manufacturers of miniature out there. Though I am mostly familiar with Games Workshop, including Forge World, I have branched out and attempted to try many different miniature producers out there to expand my horizon.

If you require me to paint a miniature(s) from a different brand, it would be appreciated if you provide me with a link.


***Please note prices are in Canadian Dollars***

***Prices are based on 'per model'***

Above Table Top Quality

 Models single models
 Infantry (20mm, 25mm)
$4.00 $3.00
 Cavalry/Bikes (25x50mm) $15$5.00 $4.00
 Chariots (50x100mm)
 Monstrous Small (40mm round/square)
 $20.00 $12.00 $10.00
 Monstrous Large (50mm square, 60mm round)
 $30.00 --
 Vehicles $40.00 --

 Display Pieces

 Models Single model
 Infantry (20mm, 25mm)
 Cavalry/Bikes (25x50mm)
 Chariots (50x100mm) $40.00
 Monstrous Small (40mm round/square) $45.00
 Monstrous Large (50mm square, 60mm round)  $60.00
 Vehicles $70.00

The pricing includes assembly, cleaning, priming, painting and sealing of the models


 Basing is included within the price of the models i.e flocking with sand and grass, etc depending on what you prefer.

More intricate basing is included within the price of the Display Pieces only. This will be discussed further when determining the layout of your miniature. 

Custom basing such as resin/pewter bases from manufacturers may be used. Charges will apply based on the price of the bases used. 

 Extra Services

-Miniatures--If you do not own a specific model and is required to be purchased by myself, then the appropriate charges will apply

-Magnets--$0.50 per magnet joint i.e One magnet on Body and other on the Weapons Arm. In case of multiple weapons (multi-plastic kits) then an additional $0.15 per magnet used

-Green Stuff--Will not charge for gap filling, but if sculpting is required on a model than the appropriate charges will apply upon agreement with the client.


During the period of the commission, I will keep in touch with you via e-mail at least once a week (or more depending on the project) and provide pictures along the way.


I only currently accept Paypal as the form of payment.

I require the first half of the payment before the project starts. The second half will be required upon completion of the project and before shipping.


My main method of shipping is through Canada Post. I am capable in using other couriers such as FedEx and UPS based on customer's request and urgency. Additional costs will apply.

I will provide Tracking numbers for residents of Canada and the US with no additional cost.

I will take my opt-most care in packaging the models for you for safe traveling. 

I'll only charge you what it will cost me to ship your item(s)....I'm not here to profit out of shipping your miniatures.



All purchases are final.

If for any reason the model(s) had arrived broken due to the mishandling of the post courier, a clear picture is required from you from the time of receiving your miniature. I will then take care of the shipping for you both ways and have it fixed.

If the model is deem beyond fixing, then I will take the initiate of purchasing the model for you and redoing it for no additional charge.  


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